Heart Dwelling With Jesus


Yesterday, on December 24, 2015, I reflected on how the following day (today) would be Christmas..  a day intended to commerate Jesus’s birthday even though it wasn’t truly on 12/25.     It has turned into a day that can often distract us FROM Jesus if we are not careful in spending time in prayer with Him each day.    I will be attending a family dinner and opening presents this afternoon, and if I don’t attend this party, I basically would be turning everyone off from our Lord.    I asked Jesus to be with me as my “Date”..   and I felt that our Lord wants me to be there but to heed Him when they get involved in wrong conversations, over-indulgence,  gossip,  and other events that don’t honor Him.

What came to my mind was even during the Jewish Passover feasts, how Mary and Joseph were so distracted with socializing with their relatives, the…

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