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Certain  messages from Jesus  two British anonymous women recorded in the devotional, “God Calling” and “God at Eventide”   really stirred me enough to add them here in this blog. They give glimpses of Jesus’s life on this Earth:

John 14:12And greater works than these shall you do, because I go to My Father”.

“While I was on the earth, to those with whom I came in contact, Mine was a lost cause.  Even My disciples only believed, half-doubting, half-wondering.   When they all forsook Me and fled it was not so much fear of My enemies as the certainty that My Mission , however beautiful they thought it, had failed.

In spite of all I had taught them, in spite of the revelation of the Last Supper, they had secretly felt sure that when the final moment came, and the hatred of the Pharisees was declared against Me I should sound some call to action, and that I should lead My many followers and found My earthly kingdom.   Even the disciples who had eyes to see My Spiritual Kingdom had thought material forces had proved too strong for Me.

But with My Resurrection came hope.  Faith revived.  They would remind each other of all I had said.  They would have the assurance of My Divinity, Messiahship.  And they would have all My Power in the Unseen- the Holy Spirit- to help them.

Those who lived in the Kingdom were to do the work- greater works than I was able to do.  Not a greater Power shown, not a greater Life lived, but, as men recognized My Godhead, opportunities for works in My Name would increase.”

The Secret Path


Matthew 3:15 -“Suffer it to be so now:  for thus it becomes us to fulfill all righteousness

“Upon this I founded My three years’ Mission on Earth on the acceptance of the difficulty and discipline of life so as to share that human life with My followers in all the ages.

Much that you both must accept in life is not to be accepted as being necessary for you personally, but accepted, as I accepted it, to set an example, to share in the sufferings and difficulties of mankind.

In this “to share” means “to save”.  And there, too, for you both… the same must be true as was true of Me.   “He saved others.  Himself He cannot save.”  Beloved, you are called to save and share in a very special way.  The way of sorrows if walked with Me, the Man of Sorrows, is a path kept sacred and secret for My nearest and dearest- those whose one desire is to do all for Me.  To sacrifice all for Me, to count, as My servant Paul did, “all things but loss so that they might gain Me.”

But, dreary as that Path must look to those who view it only from afar, it has tender lights and restful shades that no other walk in life can give.”


The following message is a message my friend, Krystal Bealle received from our Lord., and she shared it with me.   I feel led to share it below:

“Please stay with me. My heart is so heavy and torn within me. Despite my Divinity..I AM exhausted and racked with grief. I weep…Oh how I weep. I reveal this at times to my children..All of heaven hears me weep and my groans resound the earth. I AM so worn out beloved…My own have turned from me.

I have extended my mercy for a long time now and have been more than long suffering with man. All things are coming to pass and things are rapidly unfolding. The earth has become a barren desert but I shall irrigate it myself. I AM pouring out MY Holy spirit as never before and pleading with my lost children to come to wrath can not be held back much longer. I have and so have my faithful followers been treated brutally..harshly…cruelly.. Vengeance is MINE I will repay.. Your Jesus is just venting my sadness..anger and frustration at this time. I love to talk I can go on and on…Endless..Eternal words.  Heaven and earth shall pass away but my words will never pass away. I love my Bride..She is so precious to me and I long to be with her so much so. I long to come as much as my Bride longs for me to.  I AM fed up with mans disobedience and dismissal of me. The ones who chose satan and his lies..his darkness..his false glory..hurt me so much. I weep tears of blood still for them. I truly AM fed up with all that I see before me. Sad does not do me justice.

My anger burns hot and my messengers are laughed off..mocked. I- God will not be mocked…what a man sows He reaps. So many of my children don’t believe in me…ignore me…taste of me and then back into the world they go. One foot in my in the world…I will vomit the lukewarm out as is written. I AM a jealous God. Repent…NOW…I AM sad at the condition of my lost..backslidden and disobedient children..
I love you..

Love…Hugs..Prayers….Krystal…This is a picture of Jesus I drew


A Man of Sorrows

Our Lord’s Grief

Heart Dwelling With Jesus


Last night I came into prayer rather heavy hearted over the tragedy in Orlando and just the state of the world in general. Sometimes I don’t get to give all of myself to Him in prayer as consistently as I might like (I have 3 kids and my youngest is 8 mos and starting to crawl) but I try to maintain a constant dialouge with Jesus throughout the day and make it a habit to at least try and worship once a day. Usually I come into worship feeling down and expecting not to feel Him for not being consistent, but everytime I can feel and sense His presence immediately and begin to cry because of His faithfulness and mercy…

Well, I went into worship shortly after prayer last night feeling very heavy and I couldn’t feel or sense the Lord at…

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Heart Dwelling With Jesus


This likeness of Jesus is how I imagined His expression (not batting an eyelash) when looking directly at the accuser questioning Him in the testimony below:

About a year and a half ago, I had a dream that had our Lord in it.. only this dream was completely dark..   and I saw nothing.     I only heard the Lord reply to someone in this dream , but yet even though I saw nothing,  this particular dream had a very deep affect in my heart.

In this dream, everything was totally dark.. I saw nothing as though I was blind.     Then I heard someone scream these words in disbelief.. I can almost imagine them rolling their eyes when saying it, “She’s nothing,…. NOTTTHINNG!!”        Like who he was referring to is a completely useless moron.          THEN I heard Jesus’s calm , peaceful voice in reply.. (and I KNEW it was Him, because somehow I…

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Heart Dwelling With Jesus


Word from the Lord….🙌

A great shift has occurred on the earth. The exalted of this earth…will be brought low…humbled…the trodden down..lowly are rising and will rise up..exalted… A great divide indeed. The wheat from the tares..the harvest is ripe. My sword is dividing..Almighty…powerful and consuming. In this last hour no one is spared from my sword. I cut to the heart..the soul..the core of a man. The gravity of what you have done… oh earth,  when the realization of the error of your ways come upon you!   In those who love and accept me  I find great love..comfort…relief and solace in you as you do me. I give fresh anointing and a greater outpouring of my Holy spirit in this hour.

Come..Come..all who are hungry..thirsty..and weary. I shall fill your hunger…quench your thirst…and in me you shall find your rest. The hour is ever so late…To my beloved Bride…I…

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One Set of Footprints

I was reflecting on that beautiful “footprints” prayer where the write noticed that there was only one set of footprints.  “It was because I carried you”, Jesus replied to t…

Source: One Set of Footprints

One Set of Footprints

Jesús en el desierto

I was reflecting on that beautiful “footprints” prayer where the write noticed that there was only one set of footprints.  “It was because I carried you”, Jesus replied to them.   How encouraging that prayer is for all Christians, yet on an even higher level it has even more beauty in a bittersweet way.  The reason being that He Who was often alone… even surrounded by people yet still…  alone .   Those solitary footprints in the sand depicted His own life.. lived for others, yet with much loneliness.., except for the Father’s presence with Him.

His loneliness is not because He chooses to be alone, but that so few want to share close company with Him.   So few want to work close beside Him, even close BEHIND Him.  This is a part of His sorrows that Isaiah spoke about when he called Him, “The Man of sorrows and acquainted with grief.”    Many wanted to make Him King during His ministry, but only so that He could make sure all of their physical needs were met.      “Very truly I tell you, you are looking for me, not because you saw the signs I performed but because you ate the loaves and had your fill”, He told those who were searching for Him after He slipped away to a mountaintop to pray to the Father.. escaping their attempts to make Him their physical king.   They wanted a king who would do their bidding., not one in Whom  they would be subject to out of love for Him.

Even we Christians, tend to want to be our own “kings”.  This is why we leave Him Who is pure Truth alone, and only come up to Him when doing so serves our desires and agendas.  So He experiences loneliness from us more than we can comprehend- yet of all man (and He is not only the Son of God, but also the Son of Man) there is none who will ever love us in our most unloveable conditions than Him.  He desires to bring us from our self-idolatry to a genuine unity with Him.    His solitary footprints lead to the Father.  Who will add their footprints with His?


Zipporah Mushala

Yesterday,I saw the Lord Jesus Christ in a vision of the day.I was in fellowship with the Lord when I just saw him in front of me. The Lord was smiling as he was looking and me and he said,”Thank you for loving me.” I was surprised and I told him, “But Lord,anyone can love you,you are so good! Its easy to love you!” I did not expect the response he gave me.He said,”Not everyone loves me fully,some people choose which parts of me to love.For example,they choose to love the part that I give blessings or the part that I answer prayer.They only choose to love that part but when I tell them that I also want holiness,they reject that part about me.They HATE that part of me because it requires them to sacrifice their worldly pleasures.They just want the good things and reject some parts like that as a true Christian,you will face many trials and tribulations on this earth including being hated by many and this you have to overcome. So that is why I am saying to you,Thank you,because you have loved ALL of me. The Lord looked emotionally moved to tears because of knowing that many people in the world do not love all of him.
Many people and in fact the majority of the world reject holiness.If you are still defending some things saying they are not sin just because you love them,just know that you hate some parts of the Lord.You hate some parts of Jesus.It may sound bad but it is the truth. People like to use the phrase we are saved by grace to justify their sin. Ephesians 2 says we are saved by grace. Being saved by grace simply means that we were saved by God when we did nothing to deserve being saved. We were sinners so we did not even deserve his salvation. Out if his tender mercies,he saved us by his grace(undeserved kindness).Ephesians 2:10 then says, Now that we have been saved when we did not deserve it,( by grace), we are his WORKMANSHIP to produce GOOD WORKS. We have to be Holy led by the Holy Spirit. The Holy spirit is Holy and will not lead someone to do worldly things.
Some people do not even understand the meaning of we are saved by grace and they manipulate that scripture to please their bodies yet the bible calls for crucifying of the flesh and its lusts….”
From Zipporah Mushala    (see her link above)
for the entire part of her message , check out her youtube channel,..and video:


Well in this dream Jesus was at a party.   They were not living right and people were asking him to do things and he was he was helping them. He seemed to be serving but the people were not thankful to him.  Jesus became very sad and angry. I have never seen Jesus like this. I noticed in his hand he held a little golden cross. He was crying and he threw his cross up against the wall and stormed off down this hall. I woke up immediately. Jesus gave me a word for my dream.

“Krystal…What I showed you is how I feel. I love my precious Bride and I will do anything for her. Those that laugh at me and continue on in sin despite my many warnings and pleas have wearied me with their perverse ways. I help them but they laugh..sneer and continue to do their own will. I threw my cross as a sign of my anger…I will withdraw from those who reject is written. . I will not strive with a man forever. Truly I tell you never has a generation such as this provoked my wrath. I truly find great comfort in my Bride at this time. I hold and comfort her…uphold her as she does me. She longs for my return and is watching..alert .awake..ready.

There truly is no time remaining. The hour is at hand for the wedding banquet. I have prepared a place for my Bride unlike anything seen by man. The wedding feast is indescribable and the gifts I have are from me personally and I so long to present them to my children. The mansions I have prepared are absolutely breath taking. I AM truly coming. I can no longer tolerate the defiance from man and I will NOT be mocked. I love man so much I poured all my blood out for them on my cross at Calvary . How few receive this gift of salvation I so freely gave when I gave up my life. I knew this in Gethsemane and it caused me to wail loudly and utter many moans to my Father.

I was so sad that despite my great sacrifice so many would still pursue the world and all its false promises. I AM sad and angry as I look upon earth at this hour. I AM sad for those who do not know me and I will shake all of heaven and earth to wake them from their slumber. To those who love me and cling to me they bring me so much comfort and solace in this hour. My great desire is for man to know the real me and not who I have been made out to be..or thought to be. I AM fully God and fully man. I have all the same feelings as any man and despite my divinity I am disgusted and appalled by that which I see. I still shed tears for what is before me. I hear the cries of the hurting…the trodden down..the weary..those who feel forgotten and unloved by this cold world. I AM ever so near to them and I uplift them in my arms and hold them close to my close they feel my heart beats and its soothing rhythm. I too know the pain all to well of rejection and scorn. I came down from heaven and my own received me not. There are things that I have not revealed to man about me. For this was reserved for a later time and that time is upon man.

I AM close to the broken..the hurting and the weary..the lowly for that is where I see and find myself. My creation is based on love and family. A man..a woman..husband..wife..and children. Family is my greatest gift to man next to life itself. For in family love was intended. The world is in enmity with me. Filled with many distractions and false glory. The enemy desires fame. Power..glory…high positions of seen today was seen before. The pharisees and scribes of my time also desired high positions..I warned my children of this. They wear long and flowing robes…speak of God with their lips but their heart is far from me. There is a way that seems right to man..but in the end it leads to destruction and death. Narrow is the path to eternal life and few find it. Many today are on the broad path. They chase after this world..which is undone and my Father has declared its end. The new beginning is upon man..a glorious one at that. America grieves me so. I can not bless sin. This nation has passed abominable laws against me. The nation as a whole with exception of my own have followed pursuit. There is discipline and punishment for mockery of God. I cry to the whole earth to repent. America is in a state of darkness as is the whole earth. From one corner to the next it openly defies me. I can not tolerate this much longer. I need all eyes fixed on me…and off this world. I AM soon to come to establish my kingdom and My will be done alone. I desire all men to repent and none to perish. I plead with man continually.

My sheep hear my voice and they follow me. I give them eternal life. I hold them in the palm of my hand and no man can snatch them. The hour is very late oh earth hear me this moment. I have truly entered the door I tell you. All is about to change in the twinkling of an eye. I AM to pass final judgement on man. Please mankind I King of Kings and Lord of Lords..Jesus..Yeshua..Christ.. beg you. Yes plead with you to repent and chose life. I AM the way..the truth…the life..No man comes to the Father but through me..The Father and I are One. To see me is to see the Father.

My Bride look up for your redemption draws nigh. Come away with me won’t you..I love you…I will not disappoint you..I will reveal to all My new name I will be your God and you will be my people.Amen .. All my love…”
Jesus Christ

Shared by Krystal Bealle… given to her from our Lord while she was in prayer after her dream.

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