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Below is an excerpt from bro. Micah Turnbow’s experience with God, the Father as he was taken up into Heaven…   Here we see a little glimpse of what the Father shared to Micah of His love and anointing to Jesus., before He incarnated to Earth to give His life for us:

“…. I cannot put into words how great God is—His glory was undeniably beautiful. His large firey-blue eyes pierced my soul with love only God can give. His face was like diamonds; much like the robe of Jesus with hundreds of rays of lights coming out of him. He was looking right at me with an intensity of joy. His robe was like the clouds hovering around Him with lighting flashing amidst it. My Father smiled at me and blew on my face.

“Receive, my son,” His voice was so thunderous but gentle. His voice is heard throughout heaven, but it is not unpleasant—it is the most powerful and humbling voice you can experience. He doesn’t hurt your ears, but His voice is in your ear. His voice is so close to you; it sounds like he is right next to your ear. “Receive my love and come closer.”

I took a deep breath to absorb His gift to me; His breath of life. I took one step forward, and I was picked up by His hand and brought to His chest. I looked at His glorious face and did not turn away. By His right hand, He poured oil on me that smelt like honey. I noticed that the oil was coming from His head which is the joy of the Lord. I just rested while Father ministered to me the way He wanted. Father’s  great diamond-like hands brushed my hair back—He was bathing me in His oil. He said to me, “This is the oil I poured out over my son before He left my presence to enter the earth; I too prepared Him for His burial. That is why it was so meaningful when the woman poured out her fragrance upon Jesus. It reminded my Son of me.”  ”

The Kiss: God The Father (Part2)



You know how it is said He prayed in the night..(as the others slept) He prayed to His Father for hours in the evening?  I was thinking of that ..then this vision went through me as I wanted to console Him or just keep Him loving company from a poor soul He died for:

So here I am from 2017 ( already knowing He would die for us and redeem us…) I see Him in a sort of clearing away from the others following Him – I did not see them asleep.  But there was our Beloved (and this is for all ) kneeling down on the cold ground – I knew somehow it would be colder then, and when I was with Him there praying, very respectfully I walked slowly (on His left side – )  I had on a long sort of white or soft ecru dress to my ankles I would say..younger than I am – my hair was up but I was carrying a white colored blanket for it was cold (I sensed) and I walked over softly while He was praying to His Father.  He did not see me or know I was there (from our time..yeesh)
I was standing (this is all so clear) as I had walked over to Him and was slightly bending down and He turned gently and looked up at me and I said…very softly…I don’t want to disturb You, (as He was in deep prayer) but if you would want me to, would you like me to pray with You?  He looked up at me, and seeing He was feeling the cold too, I put the white blanket over His shoulders and I knelt next to Him – again as I said- on His left.  Then I put the other part of this blanket over my shoulders and we knelt side by side – He put His arm about my waist and I put my right arm about His waist, as the blanket covered us both nicely that way… then we put our free hands together and our fingers we just looked at each other with much tenderness… and He put His face next to mine…(so sweet and tender) – and we prayed as that.  Like almost two children praying to our Father.  It was so sweet.  He never said a word and I just assume from this vision we just continued to pray together to the Father, and He would now and then just give me a little kiss on the cheek while we knelt that way( I know for a time.  ) Yet this vision was not long.   I just wanted to be with Him in this clearing to pray with Him and not leave Him alone.  And He was cold.
So that is how this came to me in my spirit.  We are able to in spirit use our imagination to be with Him or anyone, even His Mother Mary or anyone…in their time with Him – He takes it FOR REAL.  Since time is always present to Him.  Lovely!  And for all.
 I pray this encourages others to “visit” Him..esp. in the Garden of Olives where He suffered so much!  It is like when you were with Him in the prison.  This was sort of the same thing, except before His Passion – still teaching and healing I assume, and traveling with His Apostles +
Oh I remember could I forget, dear – there was a prayer I said while kneeling….( one remembers if I visited Him from our time…I could say such a  prayer that would only make sense to Jesus and His Father, so I felt that was unique.)
Knowing while I was by His side like that in this field or clearing, that He was to die for us, and in 2017 I knew this already, my prayer was different perhaps, indeed, but not out of place.  I composed this prayer in my heart while with Him and said the following. Not long, but from my heart.
He just looked tenderly at me while we knelt there and I said to the Father:
Father, I thank You for Your Son Jesus who shed His Blood for us sinners, redeeming us and saving us….I knew it was a prayer He would understand fully…um…”even if it was in the future” and one the Father would accept since I was “visiting” Jesus in this time from “our time”  He sees….all at once +
So this is my account of what transpired, and again, anyone . . . can do this.  This just flowed through me and He was so real and it was so loving being there in “spirit” hoping I was some kind of consolation, even if in a small way.
 Shared by friend, Patricia Owens



A few days ago I was reading an entry from Sister Faustina’s diary, “Divine Mercy in My Soul” of a vision she was given of Jesus praying to His and our Father in Heaven.    I was so struck by it, as she received a glimpse of how One He is with the Father… and the unity and love They share..   I wanted to share it here:

“Holy Hour-  Thursday, during the hour of prayer, Jesus allowed me to enter  the *Cenacle (*Cenacle – an old word meaning the room where Jesus had the Last Supper with His disciples), and I was a witness to what happened there.  However, I was most deeply moved when , before the consecration, Jesus raised His eyes toward Heaven and entered into a mysterious conversation with His Father.  It is only in Eternity that we shall really understand that moment.  His eyes were like two flames.  His face was radiant, white as snow;  His whole Personage full of Majesty, His soul full of longing.

At the moment of the consecration, love rested satiated- the sacrifice fully consummated.  Now only the external ceremony of death will be carried out- external destruction:  The essence (of it) is in the Cenacle.  Never in my whole life had I understood this mystery so profoundly as during the hour of adoration.  Oh, how ardently I desire that the whole world would come to know this unfathomable mystery. ”

– sis. Faustina Kowalska in her diary, “Divine Mercy In My Soul”.


At the Foot of His Cross-

recent vision shared by Debbie Hollland and posted on the Heart Dwelling With Jesus WordPress blog

I feel that you should post this for the other Heart dwellers as it was life changing for me.  Please pray about it x ….

I was with the Lord last night and it was a very difficult meeting as I saw Him going to the Cross and then I watched Him being nailed to the beams.  I had to watch His agony it was excruciating for me and I knew what I was seeing was only a small fraction of what He was going through.  I wanted to comfort Him but there was nothing I could do only BE THERE with Him.   It was so horrible and my spirit was VERY UNCOMFORTABLE  in this visit.

About 2 weeks ago I had a similar visit where I saw Him lying on His front and His back was a bloody mess and I could see His Ribs – I cried and cried as I watched His agony.  It was so gruesome.  Satan clearly gave Him everything he could throw at Him as He allowed Himself to be our Sacrifice.  Satan knowing He would not retaliate enjoyed hurting Fathers Greatest LOVE.  Vengeful and hateful.  There was so much blood and torn muscles – it looked like a horror movie.

Last night I saw His face contorted in AGONY and heard His cries……………… the end I had to turn away from this vision as I couldn’t bear it and I asked Him to please stop showing it to me.  At the same time I knew He was telling me I NEEDED to see this.
At that point I looked back and He was now up on the cross and quieter now and He asked me to come forward.  I stood at His feet and looked up.   He then showed me without words all the things in ME He died for……I was looking up at the time of MY OWN REDEMPTION not yours or anyone else’s just MINE.  There is a divine time where each of us is stood at the foot of the Cross and watching our own redemption.  Working out our salvation in fear and trembling.

He showed me a huge list of sin PRIDE – BITTERNESS – VENGEFULNESS – HATRED – MURDER – LIES – COMPROMISE – DISHONESTY – DUPLICITY – FEAR – UNBELIEF – SELFISHNESS.   The list went on and on and I saw it in myself and I saw Him suffering for me and atoning for me.

It was a very cleansing visit and I never fully saw myself through His eyes in such a deep way before.  It is a good thing I feel for all of us to come to the foot of the Cross and see OURSELVES AND OUR SINS BEING ATONED FOR.  The Cross of Yeshua is the door into Heaven the secret place that we go through to enter into HIM.

I always thought that my sins where THINGS that I had done to offend Abba Father or things I had done to hurt His Children….but last night He showed me that it was the CONDITION OF MY HEART that He was dying for and that the things I had done were THE ISSUES OF THAT ROTTEN HEART……..merely an expression of what was deeply diseased and disordered in me because of what Satan had done at the fall.

Our Hearts have to be RIGHT before Him so that they can enter into the Kingdom of Heaven.    The sins are easy to deal with but the HEART IS THE TREASURE WE OFFER TO YESHUA  and it must be an acceptable offering to Him.

Please come before the Cross and offer up the Heart for cleansing and purification to Jesus.  Brides get ready for Your Bridegroom.  He requires clean hearts from his Eternal Brides.
Debbie Holland

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