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Love and Sin Have Met



Reading sister Faustina of Kawalska’s diary, “Divine Mercy in My Soul”,  I was struck by one entry she made, which I believe was a genuine experience from the Holy Spirit given to her regarding Jesus..    our Heavenly Father desires that we all contemplate His Son prayerfully and with the aid of the Holy Spirit.,  because to see and focus our attention on Jesus, is also to focus attention on the Father as well and in focusing on Him, we forget ourselves.

Here is the entry she made in her diary,  numbered #408, which really spoke volumes of our King, Jesus’s Lamb-like nature even through what Hell He endured:

“When I become immersed in the Lord’s Passion, I often see the Lord Jesus during adoration in this manner:

“After the scourging, the torturers took the Lord an stripped Him of His own garment which had already adhered to the wounds as they took it off.  His wounds reopened.  Then they threw a dirty and tattered scarlet cloak over the fresh wounds of the Lord.  The cloak in some places barely reached His knees.  They made Him sit on a piece of beam and then they wove a crown of thorns which they put on His sacred head.   They put a reed in HIs hand and made fun of Him, bowing to Him as to a King.  Some spat in His face, while others took the reed and struck Him on the head with it.  Others caused Him pain by slapping Him;  still others covered His face and struck Him with their fists.  Jesus bore all this with meekness.  Who can comprehend Him comprehend His suffering?   Jesus’s eyes were downcast.

I sensed what was happening in the most sweet Heart of Jesus at that time.  Let every soul reflect on what Jesus was suffering at that moment.  They tried to outdo each other in insulting the Lord.  I reflected:  Where does such malice in man come from?  It is caused by sin.

Love and sin have met.”


I want to share that after I read this beautiful contemplation of Jesus’s humiliations, I asked Him if He would give me anything of His words recorded in “He and I”,  and blindly opening that journal, my eyes fell on the following… from Him to us all:

“My little children all down the ages;  clothe yourself with your Jesus as Jacob clothed himself to resemble Esau.  Then the Father will give you the heritage of all His treasure and I will be full of Joy at having paid with My tears the blows I received and My blood… Oh My little children- My very own.”♥


Heart Dwelling With Jesus


Unbelievable. ….

When you mentioned something about many being in travailing prayer I was reminded of something my daughter shared with me today. She is 9 years old and frequently worships God alone in her room during “quiet time” when I put my younger sons for a nap. Today during her time of worship, she said she saw Jesus and he was on the floor crying and sobbing and it hurt her to see it. she said she also began to cry and got on her knees to comfort the Lord. She then said she saw the World and was made to understand that something going on in the world is very bad and making Jesus cry. She said she tried singing him songs to make Him feel better but nothing seemed to cheer Him up. it was all she could do to just cry with him on the floor.

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when mistreated remember Christ

From the Imitation of Christ, by Thomas a’ Kempis:

“My child, I came down from Heaven for your salvation and took upon Myself your miseries, not out of necessity but out of love, that you might learn to be patient and bear the sufferings of this life without repining.  From the moment of My birth to My death on the cross, suffering did not leave Me.  I suffered great want of temporal goods.   Often I heard many complaints against Me.  Disgrace and reviling I bore with patience.  For My blessings I received ingratitude, for My miracles blasphemies., and for My teaching – scorn.”




Here’s  another personal sharing from our Lord .. something He had spoken to those two anonymous British women who were led to publish His messages in “God Calling” .    Whenever I discover anymore of these personal insights from Him He has shared with one of His own ,  i’ll post it here..     Our Lord is not only God,  but also perfect Man as well, and He has feelings too.

“To the listening ear I speak, to the waiting heart I come.  Sometimes I may not speak.   I may ask you merely to wait in My Presence, to know that I am with you. 

Think of the multitudes who thronged to Me when I was on Earth, all eager for something.  Eager to be healed or taught or fed.

Think as I supplied their many wants, and granted their manifold requests, what it meant to Me, to find amid the crowd, some one or two who followed Me just to be near Me., just to dwell in My Presence.  How some longing of the Eternal Heart was satisfied thereby.

Comfort Me a while, by letting Me know that you would seek Me just to dwell in My Presence, to be near Me, not even for teaching, not for material gain, not even for a message- but for Me.   The longing of the human heart to be loved for itself is something caught from the Great Divine Heart.

I bless you.. Bow your heads.”♥

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