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Please check out Krystal Bealle’s Youtube page of messages she receives from Jesus, sharing His Humanity with those sensitive enough to receive Him.


“Hello my beloved brothers and sisters in Christ and welcome to my channel. I received a vision back in 2008 of Jesus carrying the cross. I saw him nailed to the cross and then the cross raised. Jesus said behold I come quickly. Since then my life has forever changed. I have lost all my family due to this and custody of my son who was three at the time. I was deemed crazy for they did not believe that Jesus revealed himself to me, speaks to me and shows me visions. That’s quite alright because I gained Jesus I have it ALL. I feel his love his pain his frustration his mercy his friendship and Lordship. I would love to speak to other believers and reach out to them. Please feel free to contact me I will not turn you away but please do not be disrespectful to Jesus and myself and my beliefs you may not agree with what I revealed here but please I ask with a sincere heart that you respect Jesus and me. God Bless you all I hope to hear from you, All my love.”

Another featured Youtube Channel is John D’s channel of  messages of Jesus, The Father,  Mary and those saints who have gone on before us to  a woman visionary friend.  She is now elderly but has saved all of these precious messages in her journals and felt led to make them public. This Brother was led to share them online to those who would appreciate them.    Jesus_202


Jesus_169 More and more the Lord is showing me how every single person He places in our path, or especially who cross  our path are placed there by Him so that we can pray for them, be His Light for them, and allow Him to express His nature through us to them.    For some, it is the only Light they will ever see, because they come from a place of darkness and do not know light.     Just as Pilate told Jesus with cynicism, “What IS truth?”   If we do not allow Him to be His Light for those in darkness and pray for them, no one else may in their life.  That may be why God places certain unloveable people in our lives. Remember it is not about “us” and our preferences, but in serving our Lord and putting ourselves aside for His sake.   Offering Him that curbed retaliation or defensive reply;  asking HIM that He may give us His love and compassion for that person.  We have no love of our own to give.  It must be Christ’s love through us. We need to keep receiving His Light so that we can offer it to others.  Light is quiet, beautiful, gentle and warm, it is soothing, healing, it brightens and illuminates, it cheers from depression.  It is positive.     The Holy Spirit doesn’t require we illuminate people through our words, but He asks that we let Him illuminate others through His Spirit.   He often does this without words.

After the Lord revealed this to me this morning, He gave me many confirmations through His Words to Gabrielle Bossis in her journal, “He and I” and even through Maria Valtorta’s book, volume 3, “The Poem of the Man-God”

In He and I , Jesus told Gabrielle, “Didn’t I suffer for everyone?   Try to be like the Beloved.  Let them see My face in your face.”..Don’t ever forget that the people around you are there in order for you to plead for them….” And then afterward, I opened blindly to this: “In this hour of agony for your country, see My infinite quest for souls. I am like a hunter Who would let Himself be wounded to death in order to lure His coveted prey. I Am the One Who has caught the leprosy from the leper He loves. I have suffered all things, for I have known all things. I have atoned for everything. I, the pure One, by My blood which flowed drop by drop. Then let noone be afraid to come to Me. The greatest sinner will know the joy of being pressed to My wide-opened heart…”

In Maria Valtorta’s records from visions of Jesus’s daily life, titled, “The Poem of the Man-God” volume 3, I blindly opened to this on page 603: “…No Martha, give that room to the most humble guests, to Johanan’s peasants for instance. ” “Why, Master?” Martha replied. “Because each poor man is Jesus and I am in all of them. Always love the poor whom no one loves, if you want to be perfect. Prepare for Me in the entrance hall. If you leave open the doors of the many rooms opening onto it, everybody will be able to see Me and I shall see everybody.” The Holy Spirit revealed to me that in this incident Maria Valtorta’ shares from one of her visions, there is a spiritual teaching behind Jesus’s request to Martha , who was preparing one of her dinners for Jesus , His disciples and others who wanted to be near Jesus. (He never made these tag-along folks go away even if the disciples wished they would). This incident refers to Martha and Mary’s home, but in spirit, it also speaks of the “Hallway entrance” of our hearts. We must keep the “doorways open” so that others may see Jesus within us and He may be able to shine His Light onto them. Just as the Sun being permitted to shine it’s rays in a room where one opens all the shades and closed doors.

His even further confirmation came to me hours later after logging on and reading one of my favorite blogs of a woman who receives messages from our Lord (She was given the gift of prophecy after having been baptised by the Holy Spirit) Her latest message on 10/17/14 titled, “Now Comes the Glory” , found at :  confirms what He was revealing to me this morning.  Please check that site out to see the Lord’s direct message He spoke to her on this. We are to be His Lights for those searching for true Light. There are many out in this dark world wallowing in darkness because this is all they know. “What is Truth? is their statement as well. Let them see Jesus. Let Him express Himself through us. Pray for His grace that we will be able to allow Him to do this in spite of our human nature , and that we would decrease so that He will increase within us. creation-waits2  

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