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This video of Jesus’s Passion was created with the help of the Holy Spirit by Youtube sister, Rachel Loves the Lord.

The part that really touches me is where Mary is holding Jesus and caressing His face  after they took His Body off of the cross…   and the song in the background right at that part sings: …”I find Everything I thought I lost before..”

No doubt she thought she lost Him forever that horrible day they put Him to death,    Bringing to her mind the time she and Joseph lost Him for 3 days at His first Passover.    When they found Him in the temple, she asked Him “why would He do that to her , they were searching for Him” and he replied, “How is it that you sought Me?  Did you not know I must be about My Father’s business?”       

Again, our Lord at the end of His ministry on Earth went back to Jerusalem – about His Father’s Business to die for us.       Mary thought she lost Him again, but then three days later, our Lord rose from the bed of spices they laid Him on (just as it says in the Song of Solomon)     She found Him again and I can just imagine her joy when this time,  He gently wiped the tears off of her face!    


A Visitation from Jesus

Over 10 years ago, I had an experience after complaining in prayer one night over two family members.   The Lord heard my complaints and whining, and I received a visitation from Him.  It wasn’t permitted me to see Him physically (and many HAVE had such a visitation wether in a vision, dream, in waking life, or in a near death experience)   yet the Holy Spirit permitted me to see Jesus with spiritual eyes, and I was able to sense His personality, Who He is, and that He is the most beautiful Person you will ever meet .

He is very calm and peaceful,  very Royal- I knew automatically that I was before a King of all Kings of all Universes and yet with that Supreme Royalty given Him of the Father,  was total humility and down-to-earthiness.   He was not affected by His Royalty in the least.  I know of supervisors in small companies with even a little bit of arrogance.  Jesus has no arrogance about Him.  He is also not a whimp either.    When they call Him “meek”  it doesn’t mean weak and fearful.  He has no fear.  It means that He chooses not to defend Himself.  He will defend others, but overlooks Himself.     when He was slammed across His face by one of the guards at His trial, He didn’t strike back- though He could have easily.  He looked the guard right in the eyes of total crystal clear purity, pity and compassion and asked him “Why do you strike Me?”       He was not intimidated by that guard but His Love and pity was evident by those who witnessed the scene.

When I met Jesus, I was shocked at the reality of Who I was laying before and embarrassed at my whining and complaining prior to His visitation.     I was struck at His inner beauty so much that I realized why the disciples dropped everything to follow Him.   Just the way He looked at them and then said , “Follow Me” stirred something in them.   They had to see more.





Heart to heart

The Lord spoke to me early each morning upon waking up,  and not all at once.  One phrase at a time He spoke and I recorded each thing He said in my journal and share them here.
   He did this not just for me, but for all of you too because each one of us is precious to Him.    Each one of us who receive Him is an individual expression of His heart.

The musical soundtrack is from the Alaskan Journey album by Lifescapes produced by Wayne Jones.    The selection is “Glacier Bay”.



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