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Under Thy Feet..


We read in Mark 12: 35-37, “The Lord said to My Lord, “Sit at My right hand, till I put Thy enemies under Thy feet.”

Quite literally, Jesus’s enemies were under His feet when He hung dying on the cross.    Spiritually and prophetically speaking,  When Jesus sets up His Kingdom on this Earth.. as in Heaven…  all will be brought into submission under “Jesus’s feet” by our Lord.

Even the fact that His arms were nailed in place so as to extend to the right and to the left indicates His sacrifice as an “embrace for all mankind”.. From as far as from the East is to the West.



You know how it is said He prayed in the night..(as the others slept) He prayed to His Father for hours in the evening?  I was thinking of that ..then this vision went through me as I wanted to console Him or just keep Him loving company from a poor soul He died for:

So here I am from 2017 ( already knowing He would die for us and redeem us…) I see Him in a sort of clearing away from the others following Him – I did not see them asleep.  But there was our Beloved (and this is for all ) kneeling down on the cold ground – I knew somehow it would be colder then, and when I was with Him there praying, very respectfully I walked slowly (on His left side – )  I had on a long sort of white or soft ecru dress to my ankles I would say..younger than I am – my hair was up but I was carrying a white colored blanket for it was cold (I sensed) and I walked over softly while He was praying to His Father.  He did not see me or know I was there (from our time..yeesh)
I was standing (this is all so clear) as I had walked over to Him and was slightly bending down and He turned gently and looked up at me and I said…very softly…I don’t want to disturb You, (as He was in deep prayer) but if you would want me to, would you like me to pray with You?  He looked up at me, and seeing He was feeling the cold too, I put the white blanket over His shoulders and I knelt next to Him – again as I said- on His left.  Then I put the other part of this blanket over my shoulders and we knelt side by side – He put His arm about my waist and I put my right arm about His waist, as the blanket covered us both nicely that way… then we put our free hands together and our fingers we just looked at each other with much tenderness… and He put His face next to mine…(so sweet and tender) – and we prayed as that.  Like almost two children praying to our Father.  It was so sweet.  He never said a word and I just assume from this vision we just continued to pray together to the Father, and He would now and then just give me a little kiss on the cheek while we knelt that way( I know for a time.  ) Yet this vision was not long.   I just wanted to be with Him in this clearing to pray with Him and not leave Him alone.  And He was cold.
So that is how this came to me in my spirit.  We are able to in spirit use our imagination to be with Him or anyone, even His Mother Mary or anyone…in their time with Him – He takes it FOR REAL.  Since time is always present to Him.  Lovely!  And for all.
 I pray this encourages others to “visit” Him..esp. in the Garden of Olives where He suffered so much!  It is like when you were with Him in the prison.  This was sort of the same thing, except before His Passion – still teaching and healing I assume, and traveling with His Apostles +
Oh I remember could I forget, dear – there was a prayer I said while kneeling….( one remembers if I visited Him from our time…I could say such a  prayer that would only make sense to Jesus and His Father, so I felt that was unique.)
Knowing while I was by His side like that in this field or clearing, that He was to die for us, and in 2017 I knew this already, my prayer was different perhaps, indeed, but not out of place.  I composed this prayer in my heart while with Him and said the following. Not long, but from my heart.
He just looked tenderly at me while we knelt there and I said to the Father:
Father, I thank You for Your Son Jesus who shed His Blood for us sinners, redeeming us and saving us….I knew it was a prayer He would understand fully…um…”even if it was in the future” and one the Father would accept since I was “visiting” Jesus in this time from “our time”  He sees….all at once +
So this is my account of what transpired, and again, anyone . . . can do this.  This just flowed through me and He was so real and it was so loving being there in “spirit” hoping I was some kind of consolation, even if in a small way.
 Shared by friend, Patricia Owens

On a Mountaintop


After He had sent the crowds away, He went up on the mountain by Himself to pray; and when it was evening, He was there alone.  (Matthew 14:23)

Jesus, our Lord and King in exile would often go to a mountaintop or high place to pray to the Father after a long day of ministering to the people,  or even in the early hours of the morning before others were awake.

It was on a mountaintop where Jesus gave us the Beatitudes,   the higher messages of the Kingdom, to those who were willing  to walk up the hillside with Him after a long day with the multitudes  below.   (Isaiah 52:7  How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of Him Who brings good tidings, who publishes peace, Who brings good tidings of good , Who publishes Salvation.”)

I can visualize Jesus climbing down from a hillside after an early morning praying with His Father in Heaven.. His face aglow with the Holy Spirit.,  so noticeable to His disciples that they were compelled to ask Him to teach them to pray.  And during the event we call “The Transfiguration”, it was  on a mountaintop that Jesus was literally transfigured with Divine Light before three of His disciples.

With this Transfiguration the disciples witnessed Jesus as the third Person of the Trinity with their own visible eyes.  They would soon have the opportunity to witness Him transfigured again with spiritual eyes.     Earthly eyes would not notice His brightness this time.   Only all of  Heaven and those on Earth with spiritual eyes to see, for this next mountaintop would be Golgotha.     At Golgotha,  He offered Himself in His most greatest prayer of all for mankind and to the Father.  He offered Himself and  His torment of dying by crucifixion as a Living Prayer on that cross- the cross on the mountaintop of Golgotha.

At that dark hour on Earth,  Heaven saw the greatest of Lights beaming on Earth’s soil below, and that Light was and is Jesus in His offering of Love for all… on a mountaintop♥

“… and there I Am, waiting for you right in the midst of the battle.  In the very place where I want your love:  beyond and above all things.  Above all things- that is where I am.  Rise to meet Me always..”   (Jesus to Gabrielle Bossis., recorded in “He and I”)

“You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden; nor does anyone light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on the lampstand, and it gives light to all who are in the house. “Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven.”    (Matthew 5:14-16)



This past week was my turn to houseclean our church ..After working overtime from my job, I drove into our church’s parking lot to unlock the doors and begin vaccuming the floors.   Our church puts out an antique manger scene near the side entrance.  The figures of Mary, Joseph , Baby Jesus and one little lamb are almost life size and illuminated from within by light bulbs..  The manger is a wooden crèche covering the figures with strewn hay placed under the figure of baby Jesus .     A life size figure of Jesus as an adult is also placed on the side..    The entire display is so simple and humble..   and it reminds me of just how simple and humble our Lord’s earthly parents truly were..and how simple and pure He is Whom has emptied Himself and made Himself of no reputation..    and the poverty in which He had been born into.

I think it was the hay that really affected me..  the realization that our Lord was born in a feeding trough where animals of labor ate from.,  and where they rested for the night on hay.   How far removed are our churches of today and the real poverty and simplicity our Lord lived from first entering this World to the day He was executed from this World.   He was as Jonah in the belly of the whale..   the Whale representing this dark World which could not contain Him any longer, so it “spat Him out” of it’s belly.

When I looked at the life size figure of adult Jesus placed at the edge of this humble manger scene,  I saw a Jesus with a simply woven garment.. possibly patched up in spots  where daily use wore holes in the cloth.   Red sand dust showing near the hem of His garment where He walked the wilderness roads from village to village.. about His Father’s business.  Worn sandals that revealed great use.  I touched the shoulder of His life size figurine.. His shoulder ..  and I felt as though I was touching the shoulder of a homeless man.   Would I be offended in Him., in His poverty?  Or would I embrace my Lord, who out of total love, emptied Himself to identify with the poorest of the poor.

Our Lord, Emmanuel .. God with Us,  came down to our World from the Ivory palaces and streets of Gold, to sleep on earth’s hay and live with beast-like mankind.. that we would follow His Light and find the way back to the Father– His Father and through Him, now ours once again.♥




The Mind of Christ


From that time on Jesus began to show His disciples that He must go to Jerusalem and suffer many things at the hands of the elders, chief priests, and scribes, and that He must be killed and on the third day be raised to life.   Peter took Him aside and began to rebuke Him, “Far be it from You , Lord! he said.   “This shall never happen to You!”  But Jesus turned and said to Peter, “Get behind Me, Satan! You are a stumbling block to Me. For you do not have in mind the things of God, but the things of men.”…

When we read this incident recorded in the gospels, we may be inclined to assume Jesus was calling Peter , “satan”,  when what actually occurred was that Jesus first rebuked Satan, who was the invisible instigator of Peter’s suggestions to Jesus.   THEN He corrected Peter, telling him he is looking at things with the eyes of man and not through spiritual eyes.   His remark to Jesus, while intended in good faith,  was actually instigated by satan as a stumbling block for Jesus.. to attempt to discourage Jesus from continuing the mission that the Father had sent Him for..  the ultimate mission of the Cross of sacrifice for all mankind.

Often , we as Christians, with good intentions , can be used by satan without us realizing it when we tell another fellow Christian to “pity themselves ” or “don’t put up with that from that person!”  etc…     To follow Jesus all the way up that mountain, we also are given a portion of the larger cup Jesus drank, and thus, we are united with Him in His sufferings (to a lesser degree than He, of course)    Jesus never considered Himself, His self-rights, and how unfair He was treated.    He considered only the will of the Father regardless of how unfair it appeared.

Jesus was so misunderstood because of this.    Even the Samaritan villagers were offended at Him because they noticed “His face was set toward Jerusalem”.    They were offended because Jerusalem was an influential city that despised the Samaritans.    The Samaritans didn’t realize that the only reason Jesus was determined to head toward Jerusalem, was not to have some religious celebration, but because that is where He would die… outside of the city gates for all mankind.    The Samaritans had no idea ;  instead they forbade Him from entering their city because they became offended in Him.    James and John asked Jesus if they could call down fire from Heaven to consume these Samaritans for their rudeness, but Jesus., Who never considered Himself or His rights,  told His disciples that they knew not what spirit they were speaking from..  that He did not come to destroy but to save.

How far removed is our way of thinking compared with Christ’s!



Then Jesus’ mother and brothers came and stood outside. They sent someone in to summon Him,  and a crowd was sitting around Him. “Look,” He was told, “Your mother and brothers are outside, asking for You.”  But Jesus replied, “Who are My mother and My brothers?”  Looking at those seated in a circle around Him, He said, “Here are My mother and My brothers!  For whoever does the will of God is My brother and sister and mother.”…(Mark 3:34)

 Near the cross of Jesus stood His mother and her sister, as well as Mary the wife of Clopas and Mary Magdalene.  When Jesus saw His mother and the disciple whom He loved standing nearby, He said to His mother, “Woman, here is your son.”  Then He said to the disciple, “Here is your mother.” So from that hour, this disciple took her into his home.…(John 19:26)

Where it would appear that Jesus was snubbing His mother when she and her other sons came asking for Him, He actually wasn’t..   Mary may have been a bit offended if she had heard what He said to the crowds listening to Him ,  but the scriptures don’t show us that He , no doubt, went to her as the Holy Spirit led Him afterwards.

Later, Jesus again is met by His mother while He is dying excruciating torture on His cross.  She is in tears, and she is standing near John, .. one of His closest disciples.   This time, He tells Mary,  “Woman, behold your son, and looking to John, says to him, ”  , behold your mother”.      If Mary was offended earlier when He told the people, “Who are My mother and brothers?”   she now realized exactly what He meant.     Spiritual relationships transcend physical relationships.     For a true Christian, a  relationship that is brought together by Jesus  because both are united with Him first and foremost is the most blessed relation one could ever have.

When John first met Jesus, he asked Him, “Teacher , where do you dwell?”  and Jesus replied, “Come and see”.      John went , saw and never left.     This time John took His Teacher’s mother “into his home” from that hour onwards because both Mary and John dwelled in Christ’s heart already.    Both are united with Him in spirit  as His true mother and brother.. and thus He joined them together as true mother and son..



Exodus 17:12

So it came about when Moses held his hand up, that Israel prevailed, and when he let his hand down, Amalek prevailed.  But Moses’ hands were heavy. Then they took a stone and put it under him, and he sat on it; and Aaron and Hur supported his hands, one on one side and one on the other. Thus his hands were steady until the sun set.  So Joshua overwhelmed Amalek and his people with the edge of the sword.…

John 19:18

Carrying His own cross, He went out to The Place of the Skull, which in Aramaic is called Golgotha.  There they crucified Him, and with Him two others, one on each side, with Jesus in the middle.

In reading these two passages in the scriptures,  the Lord made me realize the similarities.. how Mose’s arms being held upright in intercession for the Isrealites was prophetic of Jesus Sacrifice for us on the cross, with HIS arms outstretched as Mose’s arms were.  Aaron and Hur held Moses’ arms up,  but nails and Love held Jesus’s arms up.

The Isrealites’ battle was against the Amalekites, but the ongoing battle we all face is the battle against our unredeemed soul, sins  and the self-life..   Jesus offered Himself to the Father on our  behalf as our Redeemer to provide a way for us to come to Him for Salvation from the Enemy of Self and sin.     Only through Moses’s intercession and outstretched arms for Isreal was Isreal able to defeat their enemy.  Only through Jesus and His Sacrifice for us, are we able to defeat sin and our self-nature.

Moses sat on a rock while his arms were outstretched but Jesus IS The Rock.. That stone in which the builders rejected, that has become the chief Cornerstone  (Psalm 118:22)

Jesus’s Modesty



Jesus is not like other men or women… As the Son of Man, He does not call attention to Himself.   If the angels Isaiah saw near the Father’s Throne covered themselves with their wings, how much more was Jesus modest.. so that attention would go to the Father alone. (Isaiah 6: 1-3)

His “hidden years” in Nazareth remain hidden and basically went unnoticed by others .. in fact, His fellow Nazarenes assumed He was just another neighbor- the village carpenter’s son.   Yes, He seemed quieter, more kinder,  more at peace than most, with a joyful sense of humor, and never a curse word escaped His mouth.  He never got drunk and He obeyed the laws of Moses.    They assumed, He was just a rare soul lost amidst the crowds of Nazareth.. Someone who never gave anyone any trouble, was quiet and a wonderful help to His mother after Joseph died.

When our Lord toiled in the heat cutting wood and constructing masonry blocks to construct doorways and windows and ceiling beams for homes, He remained modest even physically..    He didn’t take off His tunic to expose His body as most men would do in the heat while working.   No doubt, He wore a thinner cloth covering for working which needed to be washed afterwards, but His modesty came from within .. His purity was expressed even by His demeanor and outward actions of what He did and didn’t choose to do.

Many who have seen Jesus in near death experiences say that He is tall, and built like a regular young man..   not “effeminate” as some paintings depict.    Nevertheless, He retained modesty before others so as not to call attention to Himself- as the angels in Heaven before the Father’s Throne.   Many of His peers may have found Him odd because of His purity.  After all, He grew up in Nazareth, where the people did not exactly have a holy reputation.  No doubt, He may have had some men assist Him in His father’s carpentry work, and as most working class men do, they may have tried to impress an attractive single woman nearby fetching water from a well, or going about her chores nearby.    Some comments would no doubt have been made, and I can imagine the other men testing young Jesus with words like, “so what do you think of that one!  she’d make a nice wife! “.   I can imagine Jesus looking up from His work at those who commented, and with gentleness in His voice and purity in His eyes, reply with  all sincerety: “she has a good heart”, then continue on with His work with His coworkers shaking their heads at Him.

I asked our Lord if He would allow me to open blindly to something of His words recorded in “He and I” regarding this meditation of His modesty., and opening the pages of that journal,  my eyes fell on His words:    “I Am the Friend who does good in the home, and who sometimes slips away before being recognized and thanked..”





Throughout History there has never been someone , as Jesus, who was so unjustly persecuted and eventually cruelly executed Who had no guile or iniquity within Him..    His genuine compassion and great heart was evident to all who saw Him..   especially His gentleness and compassion towards the unloveable.. the leper.     Of all mankind, Jesus alone expressed only the Father’s pure love with His hands.,  With those precious feet, He walked wherever the Father led Him.. including up the stony hill of Golgatha carrying His cross.     with His heart, He loved the most unloveable person and on the cross, interceded for those who spat in His face.  Throughout His ministry, Jesus experienced fatigue, tired feet and joints, and exposure to the elements on the open roads yet He never complained.. He offered up all to the Father as a prayer for others.    Later thick iron nails would be hammered into those tired feet , and hands onto the cross where He would die, before they would pierce His heart of love with a spear.

The unfairness of what Jesus endured is so evident..     They set a hardened prisoner named Barabbas free so that they could crucify Jesus- Who did nothing to deserve any punishment – especially not of the worst capital punishments of that time.   Like  a lamb whom before it’s shearers is dumb,   Jesus was quiet before His accusers.  He would not defend Himself of the false accusations.  He Could have.. He definitely knew exactly what things to say to shut all of their mouths., but out of love, He would not.

The hands represent our service to God.,   the feet represent our Walk with God, and our heart represents our heart toward God.. our very spirit and being united with His.      Throughout Jesus’s entire earthly life, (and before the Foundation of the Earth as well) Jesus, out of supreme love to the Father, had already surrendered His hands,  his feet and his very Being to the Father in love..     His service, walk and heart are One with the Father and thus, satan made sure that when Jesus was executed physically,  his hands and feet   would be cruelly hammered onto wood.    His pierced heart was not just after his death by the Roman’s spear, for His wounded side covered His already wounded heart

After Jesus resurrected, He asked Peter three times, “Peter, do you love Me?.       After He asked Peter this,  He told Peter, “When you are old, you will extend your hands and Another will gird you and lead you where you would not naturally wish to go”.      Jesus was referring not merely to when Peter was physically aged,  but when Peter would mature spiritually.    When that period would come in Peter’s spiritual walk , he would also submit willingly to the Holy Spirit as Jesus, and allow Him to lead him in all things where HE desired for Peter.. not what Peter on his own would choose.

That would be when Peter would love Jesus with a much higher degree of love he had never loved Him before, and our Lord had already set the example of the Highest degree of love for the Father, as before the very foundation of the Earth, He had already extended His hands, His feet and His heart and with love to the Father, said, “Father, I will go”.





Last night I was focusing on Jesus’s emotional suffering while dying on the cross.. suffering in His heart and soul over the fact that His mother , Mary , John -His close disciple, and Mary Magdalene who was a comfort to Him were there watching Him, naked and in physical agony dying atrocious pain on the cross.  He did not want them to see Him suffer because He knew it was painful for them… and He desired that they would be spared having to see Him in such agony.  He wanted to comfort them, yet He knew that this was the Cup the Father desired of Him, and He knew that THEY knew that as well..  As the Son of Man, it was a keen suffering for Him- this awareness that they were seeing all that He had to endure..  all the mockery, all the hate thrown at Him by others, .. and how they were treating Him as though He were  auctioned off livestock being brought to the slaughter..  as though He were not even a Man,.. certainly not the Son of God, but not even human- but as a slab of meat impaled on a rough hewn “tree”.   He- Who showed utmost mercy for the worst sinner was shown NO mercy by those Whom He delivered Himself to to die at their hands.  If there ever was a prime Example of Complete Historical Injustice, it was how Jesus was treated so unfairly..    He Who always opened His heart to all, even the lepers and harlots amongst mankind often had the door shut in His face.   As an unborn baby about to be born,  His own mother, Mary experienced this as well, as there was no room for them to be received at the Inn.

I asked our Lord if He would give me His reply on this from His words recorded to Gabrielle Bossis in the journal, “He and I”.     And I blindly opened to the following:

“…. I faithfully accompany My faithful ones and give strength and comfort to those who want so much to suffer for Me.  What they endure for Me I endured before them, for I have suffered all things in the sufferings of My friends.  Don’t you suffer when you see someone you love suffer?  Am I not the most tender of friends?  Oh believe Me for this is a reality and it will encourage you to love Me more….”

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